Working From Home by Peter J Hopkins
Peter J Hopkins  Working From Home
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To listen to song samples, just use the playback controls for each song. You can download the sample MP3s by clicking on the song titles.

1. Maple Brown & Sugar

2. Imaginary Girlfriend

3. Jupiter Chasing Venus

4. Little T Shirt

5. Stank Bug

6. Post College No Man's Land

7. Murder Mountain

8. Red Mage

9. She's Done

10. Real

11. Find It, Keep It

12. Driving, Driving

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Not Another Casualty in the Loudness War!

To preserve the dynamics of the original performances, Working From Home was produced with very little compression. In layman's terms, that means it may not sound as loud as other recordings you're used to. But hey, that's what the volume knob's for, right? So go ahead--turn it up!

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