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Autumn Scenes from Morgan County, West Virginia is a piece in five movements for chamber orchestra. Each movement represents a different autumn day in the county where I live. Equinox, Apple Butter Festival, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Written for strings, with Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, and Horn.

Listen to this piece: 1.Equinox 2.Apple Butter Festival 3.Halloween 4.Thanksgiving

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Video Game is composed in the style of classic video game music from the 80's. It has five movements: 1.Title Screen, 2.Run, Jump, Shoot, 3.Love Interest, 4.Final Battle, & 5.The End (Thanks for Playing!). This piece is designed to be easily playable by a good middle-school level ensemble. Suitable for either string orchestra, or full orchestra with optional wind parts.

Look at a sample of the score.

Listen to the synth version (in all its 8-bit glory) of the first three movements: 1.Title Screen 2.Run, Jump, Shoot 3.Love Interest

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March of the Fat Women is a short, raucous, and fun piece that was written and must be played with tongues firmly planted in cheeks. While this piece is most effective with a large orchestra, an abundance of cues make it accessible for almost any ensemble. It would make a fabulous encore, especially if you're looking for a piece the concert band and orchestra can play together.

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Listen to the original chamber ensemble version.

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