The Game:

Get It! is an arcade style game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The goal is simple. Get the items. Avoid the enemies. Collect lots of gems. Reach the highest level possible.

Download the Get It! ROM for play on any NES emulator or flash cartridge.


This is the play area. The score board is at the top of the screen. It indicates how many gems and how many lives each player has.


Direction Pad - Controls player movement.

Select - Turns music on/off.

Start - Pause game.

A & B - During two player game, hold down while collecting snowflakes and bombs and also while invincible to attack the other player. Instantly switch between co-op and vs!


Player 1 is the main character.

Player 2 may enter at any time by pressing start on the second controller.

The Purple Blob is dangerous, but not too bright. It wanders around, getting in the way.

The Green Triangle is always on the lookout for you! Keep away!

The Orange Circle's job is to protect the items at all cost. Be patient and you will succeed.


Gem. Get as many as you can!

Ten Gem. Worth ten regular gems.

Feather. Temporarily doubles player speed.

Heart. Worth one extra life.

Snowflake. Freezes enemies in place. Watch out, they thaw fast!

Atom. Grants temporary invincibility.

Bomb. Knocks out all enemies at once.

Key. This is the key to the next level. You must collect all the items before the key will appear.


Safe Zone. This is where both players begin. Neither enemies nor items can enter the safe zone, and neither can you once you leave.

Enemy Spawn Port. Each enemy has its own spawn port. When the light starts to flash, get away fast!

The Tunnel can be used to teleport to the oposite side of the room. Careful, enemies can use it too.



Download the Get It! ROM for play on any NES emulator or flash cartridge.

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