The Command Center

Tourian is the final area in Metroid. Both Mini Bosses must be dead in order for Samus to enter. It's the simplest area in Metroid--basically, it's just 'U' shaped. The goal in Tourian isn't exploration or item collection. It's destroying Metroids and taking Mother Brain out of commission.

Remember this room? It's at the top of the blue vertical shaft in Brinstar. If you killed both Mini Bosses, their statues should be flashing (This is the point at which the whole 'fake Kraid' thing can potentially be very annoying). Shoot the statues and a bridge will appear. Go through the door and down the elevator.
Welcome to Tourian. As you can see, it's crawling with Metroids. To kill them, freeze them with the Ice Beam and shoot them with 5 missiles. The Wave Beam is useless against Metroids. If a Metroid attaches itself to you, it will drain your energy very quickly. To remove it, roll into a ball and stay in one spot--don't roll around, and lay bombs until it lets go, then roll out from under it and freeze it before it can get to you again. You can also walk through an open door--the Metroids attached to Samus will disappear when she enters the next room. Metroids leave behind energy and missile pickups worth 30 each, so if you need to recharge, just kill some Metroids. At any rate, shoot the yellow door with 10 missiles to open it.
The first few rooms of Tourian are pretty self explanatory. Just keep moving slowly, killing Metroids as you go. The little red rings are called Rinkas. They do a fair bit of damage. Try to avoid them.
This doorway is a great place to power up. When you come back into the room, 2 or 3 Metroids will come at you. Freeze them quickly and destroy them to refill your energy and missiles. if one gets on you, just go back through the door. Keep going back and forth until you're maxed out.
The deeper you go in Tourian, the more aggressive the Metroids become. Stay on your toes.
Freeze and missile this Metroid from a safe distance. There are several more just around the bend, and you don't want to get attacked by all of them at once.
Go through the next blue door, and you'll be in Mother Brain's Room. But first, you have to destroy the Zebetites (those jar-of-jam looking things). Shoot them with missiles, and do it fast. They regenerate if you take too long, but once one is completely gone, it can't grow back. If you get low on energy and missiles, leave and power up on Metroids. The Zebetites that you destroyed will still be gone when you come back.
This is it! The battle with Mother Brain. As far as bosses go, Mother Brain doesn't do much (although you WILL take some serious damage if you jump over and touch her glass case). The real problem is dodging the Rinkas and turret fire. The best way to hit her is to jump into the gap where the last Zebetite was and shoot missiles from there (Only Missiles will hurt Mother Brain), then jump back down to the right when the Rinkas are about to hit you. If you fall into the lava right in front of Mother Brain, getting back out is not easy--you have to jump up onto Mother Brain's ledge without touching her and then back across to the Zebetite gap. You could also stand on the lower platform and jump and shoot, but that takes longer. When the ground starts shaking, it means Mother Brain is done for.
When Mother Brain is finally destroyed, a door will appear and a timer will start ticking down. You need to escape before the command center explodes! (In case you're wondering, you can't leave the room the way you came. You have to leave through the new door.)
The platforms in this final shaft are pretty narrow, so jump carefully. Take your time and don't panic. You have plenty of time to get out. When you reach the top of the shaft, take the elevator to safety. Enjoy the ending!

For lots more Metroid info, check out The Metroid Database. There, you can find Tips, Tricks, Glitches, Passwords, Maps, and everything else you would ever want to know about the Metroid series. This walkthrough was inspired by the walkthrough at Final Fantasy Classic. If you need any information on Final Fantasy 1, that's the place to go.

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