Ridley's Hideout

Mini Boss #2

Ridley is a Metroid institution. He's in most of the games of the Metroid series. Even Though Kraid is technically Mini Boss #1, both Ridley and his Hideout are much easier. Ridley's Hideout is basically laid out like a big circle with Ridley in the middle. Once you know your way around, it's pretty hard to get lost.

Ridley's Hideout is beneath Norfair. To get to it, go to Norfair and go through the door on the right. when you get to the purple shaft on the far right, drop down it, bomb through the floor, and drop down (past the High Jump Boots room) to the very bottom. Go through the door on the left, and just follow the path around. (It's easier to find than it sounds like.)
If you followed my directions correctly, you'll end up here. this is the elevator to Ridley's Hideout. Notice how there are two monster heads, and in Kraid's elevator there was just one? To me, that's the conclusive proof that Ridley's Hideout is #2, no matter what Nintendo Power Volume 29 said.
Go down the elevator and take the door on the left.
Go through the first white room. This is the second one. Shoot through the ceiling and go through the door up there for some missiles. Then come back and keep going left.
In this room, bomb through the floor right where the lava ends. roll left through the tunnel, then bomb back up and go through the red door at the other end of the room.
Be careful here--there are a couple of floor tiles you can fall through. They're the two directly left of center. To get the Energy Tank, get a running start and jump for it. After you get the tank, go ahead and jump in the hole--that's where you need to go anyway.
If you fell in the hole without getting the tank and you really want it, you can go through the door on the left and around from the back. Let me warn you however that if you fall down the pit in that shaft, you're in for a long and tedious trip back. Besides, if you've gotten every tank up to this point, you have 6, which is all you can hold. And there's still one left other than that one. Anyway, you should go to the right from this screen.
Making this jump is really more a matter of luck than skill. The only thing on the other side is a Missile Expansion, so it doesn't matter if you don't get it. Regardless, fall down the pit and go through the door on the left.
Keep going left and you'll find Ridley. If you have the Wave Beam, some people recommend getting down in the lava and shooting him from underneath (since the wave beam can shoot through floors and walls). My preferred method is exactly the same as Kraid--get in his face and pump him full of missiles. For beating Ridley, your missile carrying capacity will increase by 75. Then shoot the purple door with 10 missiles and go through it.
Most of the lava in this room is solid--you can walk on it. Get the final Energy Tank in the game, then go back to the right, and keep going right.
In this narrow passage, you do have enough room to Screw Attack enemies, just barely. Keep going right.
When you get to this vertical shaft, you could go down and to the left if you want a Missile Expansion (it's a pretty long trip--That's where you would have come from if you had tried to get the first Energy Tank from the back and fell). Otherwise, just go up.
If you go through the first door on the left, you can look at the missiles that are on the other side of the impossible jump. (Yes, I missed them, No, you can't get them from here, and no, I didn't go back around to try again.) Go back to the vertical shaft, take the door at the top, and go left until you reach the elevator room.

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