The Fire Zone

Norfair is probably the most extensive and confusing area of Metroid. It's also a great place to find Missiles and other important items like the High Jump Boots and the Screw Attack. There's lava everywhere, Norfair being the Fire Zone, and all. I hope you like the music, cause you'll be down here for a while.

Make your way back to this room. It's the place where you got the very first missiles. When you get here, keep going to the right and go through the door.
This is the elevator room that leads to Norfair. Just stand on the elevator pad and press down.
When my brothers and I were kids, we always had our own names for stuff in video games. We called Norfair 'The Bubble World'. We called the lava 'toe jam'. Anyway, go down and take the door on the left.
On your way through, grab the missiles. You'll come to this wall. Roll into a ball, and push left. When you hit a solid block, bomb it. You'll find lots of fake walls just like this one all over Norfair. Keep going left, through the door, then down and through another door to find another missile expansion. It's pretty easy to find.
Come back here, to the elevator room, and then go through the right hand door.
To get through here, just shoot the blocks out of your way.
When you go through the next door, you'll come to a vertical shaft. If you have the ice beam, go up.
You can freeze this guy and use him as a stepping stone. Or, you could wait until you get the High Jump Boots to go up here. At any rate, go through that next door on the left.
Freeze that purple guy, then stand on him and roll into a ball. bomb jump while pressing left and you'll find a secret passage. Bomb through it.
Go through the red door and you'll find...another Ice Beam. If you already have the Ice Beam, getting this one won't make you any stronger or anything. It's just here in case you missed the one in Brinstar. (If you wanted to get this one first, you'd need to wait until you've gotten the high jump boots, then go all the way around to reach it from behind.) Grab it, or don't--it doesn't matter. Bomb down to the pipe, and roll through it.
Go through the next door, and you'll come to this shaft. to go up it, shoot out a couple of blocks, then blow away the ones above you. keep jumping and shooting up, and you'll gradually work your way up the wall. Go through the door at the top.
This room is just like the one below it. I usually kill those round things with missiles to get them out of the way. Then bomb through the wall. You'll find 2 Missile Expansions on the other side. Keep moving right.
You'll wind up here. Just bomb through the floor and go through the next door on the left. You'll find 3 Missile Expansions.
Now drop down the shaft to this door. There are 2 missile expansions in here, but there are also a lot of enemies. If you don't have the Varia, you might want to save this one for later when you do.
If you want the missiles, work your way to the left and go through the fake wall. To get through this spot here, you'll have to freeze the enemies and step on them.
After you get your missiles, come back out to the vertical shaft, and bomb down through the floor. Then go through the first door you see on the left.
In here, you'll find the High Jump Boots. Once you've gotten them, go back and get the Varia if you skipped it earlier (I suppose this is the correct point in the game to get it), as well as anything else you might have skipped. then bomb down to the pipe and roll through it. Go through the wall, and freeze the enemies to advance.
Careful jumping here. It's easy to fall.
You'll go through a little tunnel, then through another room, and you'll end up here. Shoot through the ceiling, and then go up and take the door on the left.
Behold, the most awesome weapon in any video game, ever--the Screw Attack. To use the Screw Attack, just spin jump. Touching an enemy with the screw attack is as powerful as shooting it with a missile. It even works on Kraid and Ridley. Some invincible enemies are impervious, but they won't hurt you while you're flashing. Essentially, Samus is now invincible while spin jumping. Now, I won't lie to you. Usually, once I have the Screw Attack, I skip the rest of Norfair. There's a few missile expansions, an Energy Tank (There are 8 tanks in the game, but you can only hold 6, so you can afford to miss 2), and the Wave Beam. Even though the Wave Beam is technically more powerful than the Ice Beam, being able to freeze enemies is very useful. Besides, you need the Ice Beam to beat the game, so you'd just have to get it again anyway. What you do at this point is up to you, but you can save a lot of time by going on to the Mini Bosses right now. Otherwise, let's keep going in Norfair.
After getting the Screw Attack, come back out to the green room. Bomb back down to the level where the High Jump Boots were, then bomb through the floor again. You should be as far down as you can go by bombing (it may seem like you can go further at first, but it's a dead end). Go through the door on the right.
You should now be in what I affectionately call the 'gum drop room'. Keep heading right (you'll have to bomb through a wall--no big deal) and go through the next door you come to.
When you get to this room, bomb through the floor. The lava is fake (by the way, all the lava in vertical shafts is fake in the whole game). Then go through the door on the left.
Shoot the breakable block in that little wall and bomb jump through the hole to get the Energy Tank. Then turn around and head back the way you came.
There's another secret passage up here that you can use on the way back. After going through this wall, keep going straight left. You'll go through 3 blue doors, but just keep going left.
When you can't go any further left, you should be here. More fake lava. Bomb through the floor and take the door on the right.
Through the next blue door, you'll be in a room like this. First bomb through the floor and go right for a couple of missile expansions. Then come back and go through the door to the right.
Be VERY careful here. If you fall down there, good luck getting back out. You either have to wait to die, or use the instant death code, both of which take you all the way back to the beginning of Norfair. Keep going right.
After the next blue door, you'll be in this room. Bomb through the floor and take the door on the left.
Hooray, you've found the Wave Beam. The Wave Beam is twice as powerful as the normal beam (4 times as powerful as the ice beam), and its wavy motion gives you the ability to shoot enemies on the ground. The Wave Beam is cool, don't get me wrong, but you can take it or leave it. the ability to freeze enemies is, in my book, crucial. And, you need the ice beam to kill Metroids--this ain't Prime, baybee.
When you come back up here, you can go through the door to the right for a Missile Expansion (you have to bomb through a wall and go through a couple of other obstacles to get to it). It's the last item in Norfair. Don't get lost on the way back.

At this point, you can fight either Kraid or Ridley. Technically, Kraid's Hideout is #1, but it'll take less time to get to Ridley's Hideout from Norfair (and time is everything in Metroid). The choice is yours. (The way this walkthrough is written will probably make more sense if you fight Kraid first and Ridley second.)

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