Kraid's Hideout

Mini Boss #1

Kraid is the first Mini Boss in Metroid, and his Hideout is definitely a step up in difficulty from Brinstar and Norfair. It's probably the most maze-like area in the whole game. If you don't know where you're going, it's very easy to get lost. Every passage starts looking the same after a while. Enjoy the awesome music.

To get to Kraid's Hideout, go to this room. It's very close to where you started the whole game. Bomb down through the floor and go through the door on the right.
This is the elevator to Kraid's Hideout. Just step into the maw of the mean looking statue and press down.
Once you get down into Kraid's Hideout, go through the first red door on the right. Grab the missiles, and come back (there's nothing else further in that way). Then go through the blue door on the left. Bomb through the fake wall, grab the missiles, and come back out here. Go down to the next set of doors.
Go through the next red door on the right and bomb through the fake wall. You'll find this energy tank. With a little thought and planning, you can get it without going in the lava.
On the way back out of the room, you need to take the upper passage through the wall. The lower one dead ends.
When you get back into the main shaft, take the blue door on the left. Go all the way through that room, and you'll wind up here. Fall down through the fake lava.
At the bottom of the pit, go through the door on the right, and through the first blue room. This is the second blue room. First, go through the red door and get the missiles, them come back. After that, bomb through the floor (right under the blue door) and go through the door below.
Congratulations, you found the fake Kraid. Kill him with a missile. Every Metroid game with Kraid also has a fake Kraid. Why? Well, I think in this game, it was genuinely to trick the player into thinking they had killed Kraid when they hadn't. Another time-wasting device. After that, it sort of became a tradition. After killing fake kraid, keep going to the right.
When you come to this room, bomb through the floor. Then go through the red door on the left.
I'm Fat Kraidy, yes I'm the real Kraidy. All you other Fat Kraidys are just immitating.
There are a couple of different strategies for Kraid. He's difficult to shoot from a distance because his spikes absorb the fire. Some people recommend rolling into a ball and bombing him. I prefer to get right up in his face and pump him full of missiles (if you run out of missiles, just shoot him with whatever beam you've got). You can also screw attack him a whole bunch. Either way, you're going to take some damage. The most important thing is that you have enough energy to survive (if you have the Varia, you should be all right as long as you have a couple of full Energy Tanks. If you think you're going to get killed, leave and power up or get the energy tank below, then come back. For defeating Kraid, your missile-carrying capacity will increase by 75.
After Kraid is dead (or even before if you really need it), you can get the Energy Tank located right below the door. First, drop into the lava and shoot the block that it's in. then jump out and stand in front of the door. Roll into a ball, and fall while pushing right. DO NOT try to get this Energy Tank without the High Jump Boots. It's very hard to get back out of the lava without them.
Leave Kraid's room and go through the door on the right. Keep going right, and you'll end up here. This has got to be the most annoying room in all of Metroid. But there is a method you can use here, with some practice. First shoot out some blocks and get Samus where I have her here. Then Jump, and at the height of the jump, shoot out the highest two blocks you can hit. Jump into that gap, and shoot the blocks above you while constantly jumping. If you're lucky, the first 2 blocks will reform while you're in the air and you'll be able to reach the next white block on the side. If you're not lucky, you'll get knocked off and have to start all over again. Repeat this pattern to climb the whole shaft. Try not to get too frustrated.
At the top of this shaft, you'll find two doors on the left. First, go through the lower one for some missiles, then go through the one on the top (being careful all the while to not fall back down). You'll wind up back in the central shaft of Kraid's hideout.
Here, you have several options (if you have the Ice Beam). See that little google-eyed guy? When he crawls around that central pillar, you can freeze him and step on him to get out (sometimes he does't show up though). If you fall, you can freeze the brown rippers to get back up (be careful not to screw attack them). If you don't have the ice beam, you have to take the long way around.
Fall down the shaft and take the door on the left (That door on the right is just a time-waster. Don't bother trying to get to it). Just follow the path all the way around and you'll come back out at the blue door you were just facing. Then go back up the shaft to the elevator.

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