The Rocky Zone

Brinstar is the first area of Metroid that you explore. All of the basic items you'll need to explore the rest of the game can be found here. Brinstar also acts as the 'core' area of the game. To get to Norfair, Kraid's Hideout, and Tourian, you have to go through Brinstar.

While the famous Metroid Fanfare plays in the background, Samus is transported deep into the heart of Planet Zebes. You only have 30 energy points to start with, so be careful. At any rate, go left.
Here's your first item: the Maru Mari (more commonly called the Morphing Ball). It allows you to roll up into a little ball when you press down. Use it to roll under the stones on the right, and keep going right.
To open the blue doors, just shoot them.
Remember this room for later. You need bombs to get down there, but one thing at a time. Keep going right.
Roll on under...
Now go up. Make sure to kill lots of critters on the way, and fill up your energy.
Go right through the first door you come to.
You'll pass through a short tunnel, and find yourself in a vertical gold-colored shaft. You want to drop to the bottom of this shaft and take the last door on the right. Just hug the right-hand wall and fall the whole way down.
Head to the right and you should arrive here, to your second item: Missiles. To switch between missiles and your beam, press the select button. Every missile expansion increases the total number you can carry by 5. Once you've gotten the missiles, go all the way back to the blue vertical shaft.
Once you get back here, go up, and go left throught the next door you come to.
You should end up here. To open red doors, you need to shoot them with 5 missiles. Once red doors are open, they stay open permanently. Yellow and purple doors take 10 missiles, but you won't see any of those for a while.
If you shoot the ball that the statue is holding, it will turn into an item. In this case, that item is the Long Beam, which allows Samus's gun to shoot accross the entire screen. grab it and head back. (Make sure to kill enemies and refill your missiles. Thare are a lot more red doors to open.)
If you go all the way up the blue shaft, and take the last door on the left, you'll eventually get to this mysterious room. This room plays a very important role MUCH later in the game. For now, there's nothing you can do here, so don't come up here if you don't feel like it. just head back toward the gold shaft.
Now, go straight through the door on the right, and keep going right.
After going right through several blue doors, you'll find your first Energy Tank. Each Energy Tank increases your total energy by 100 points, as well as refilling all of your energy. Grab it, and keep going to the right.
You'll come to another vertical gold shaft. Go up, and take the next door on the left.
Go through the red door and you'll find the bombs. To use them, roll into a ball, and press the B button. Bombs are very important in Metroid. You can use them to kill enemies on the floor, below the level of your beam. They also propell Samus upward, which is called 'bomb jumping'. Most importantly, you need bombs to locate most of the secret passages in the game. Once you've grabbed them, head back the way you came.
On your way back through, there are a couple of rooms that look like this. Bomb through the floor of the room on the RIGHT (or the EASTERN room), which should be the first one you come to on your way. The one further west is a trap. Anyway, go down here and then take the door on the left. (The lava here is fake--it won't hurt you.)
Go throught the red door, and you will find the Ice Beam. The Ice Beam is nice in that you can freeze enemies with it, and then use them as stepping stones. On the downside, it takes twice as many hits to kill everything (if you're using a rapid-fire controller, this isn't really an issue). You also need the Ice Beam to kill the Metroids at the end of the game. If you don't feel like getting it yet, you don't have to, but it does make some things easier.
When you get back here, you may notice that you can't quite jump high enough to make it out. If you time it right, you can get the rocks to re-form around Samus in mid-jump. Or, you can set a bomb and stand up. when the bomb explodes, it'll bump you upwards. at the height of that bump, press the A button. You'll jump in mid-air! The extra force should be enough to get you out quickly and easily.
Now go up, and through the last door on the right.
Bomb through here, and roll through the tube at the very top. Use bombs to kill the enemies in the tube, but don't drop down into a lower one, or you'll end up in the lava.
If you shoot the ceiling of this room, you'll find the secret passage that leads to the Varia. Normally, you'd need the High Jump Boots to get to it, but there are a couple of ways to get the Varia without the boots. The first way is to 'wall jump' up the left side of the room. If that feels too much like cheating to you, then look closely at this picture. Notice where that frozen enemy is? When you first enter the room, shoot the blocks in the ceiling. With any luck, the enemy will fly up there (you need to move fast. He'll usually fly up in the hole just a few seconds after Samus enters the room. If he doesn't, leave and re-enter). When he's at the peak of his flight, freeze him (like I've done here). Then let the blocks re-form around him. If you did it right, he'll thaw out and fly up into the room above. Then freeze him again and use him as a stepping stone to reach the door.
This is the Varia. It cuts the damage that Samus takes in half. It also turns her armor pink.
Keep going right from the Varia room, grabbing the missiles along the way. Looks like a dead end, right? Just shoot the ceiling, jump up into the hole, and push right...
...and then bomb jump up into this passage. Beyond, you'll find another Energy Tank. If you keep going right, you'll fall down the vertical shaft near where you found the bombs. There's only one more item left in Brinstar...
Remember this room? It's very near the beginning of the game. If you have the ice beam, shoot the ceiling to reveal an Energy Tank. Then freeze the enemy so you can reach it. (A lot of old Nintendo tip books recommended waiting until the very end of the game to get this one, but I never saw the point.)

And Now for Norfair...

Or, if you're feeling mighty adventurous, you could go straight to Kraid's Hideout.

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