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Peter J Hopkins Hi, I'm Peter J Hopkins. Welcome to Gravel Studios. To be honest, this site is in a state of transition right now. It used to be an online store for music I have written. Increasingly, it is becoming a place for me to discuss video games and other programs that I have created. Regardless, I hope you find something here that catches your interest!

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Recent Updates

Isostasy is my latest NES game creation. Here you'll find an online instruction manual, as well as information on how to download the free demo and where to purchase the full game. Check it out!

Dabadace is back up! The Gravel Studios social network is back up and running. I knew that it was brought down by a PHP update, and I figured it would be too much work to fix, but I discovered after some tinkering that it could be repaired with minimal edits to the source code. Also, the site now has an SSL certificate, so you can log in without worrying about your password getting scraped, which is nice.

Get It! is a new homebrew NES game that I designed and programmed. Get It! Got It? Good.

Also, take a look at this neat parallax scrolling webpage that I made with a combination of CSS and javascript. Feel free to 'view source' if you want to see how.

If you haven't checked out the Gravel Studios YouTube Channel, you should. It has all kinds of stuff that you won't find anywhere else!

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